Pondering Eternity – Part I: Life Is Not Fair

From the time I was a child, the seeming unfairness of life bothered me.

Why do some people seem to have so much while others seem to have so little?  Some people have plenty of money, food, belongings, as well as an extensive variety of luxuries available to them, while others have nothing, are starving, and are struggling just to survive.  Some people are always healthy, while others are suffering and dying or are always sick.  Some people have no physical disabilities at all, while others have missing, minimally-functioning, or non-functioning body parts and senses.  Some people never feel the effects of prejudices, while others are continuously discriminated against.  Some people have a loving, encouraging, supportive family that is always there for them no matter what, while others are abused, neglected, and abandoned.  There are even those who have all of the “riches” (money, health, body, treatment, family) and those who have all of the “poverties”.

Why is life so unfair?  Why would God give so incredibly much to some and so offensively little to others?  Why does God allow such an enormous range of inequality?  If God is truly just and if He sincerely loves each of us, why doesn’t He give us each an equal chance in life?

Maybe God does provide equality, but not necessarily in a way that is evident to us…


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